Pet accommodation policies

1. Upon reservation, you must inform the hotel if you will travel with your pet.

2. A maximum of one domestic dog of up to 30 lbs. is allowed per room.

3. The hotel charges a rate of $350 MXN pesos per day. the pet rate must be covered upon check in.

4. Additional charges will be made if the pet damages property or if repair or extensive cleaning beyond the usual cleaning process is needed. In order to do this, in addition to the daily charge, a refundable charge of $500 MXN per stay is required.

5. Pets need to be out of the room in order for the maids to clean the room.

6. Pets can be alone in the room as long as they remain inside their cage.

7. Pets must be secured with a strap when they are under supervision. Guests can walk with their pets in designated areas and are always responsible of picking their waste.

8. It is forbidden the entry of pets to the pool.

9. After receiving two complains for noise or disturbances, we will ask the guest to make alternative arrangements for its pet.

10. If any of the policies mentioned above are not fulfilled, we will have to ask that pets leave the property, with or without refunds.


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